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What are terpenes, how to use them, and more

  • Are your terpenes California Compliant?

    Yes! Our Terpene Flavors and Terpene Blends are all natural and are fully compliant for use in California.

  • How do I know which Extract Consultants products will work best for me?

    We offer a wide range of terpene and flavor products. To ensure that you're using products that are best suited for your needs, we recommend using our Getting Started Guide.

    This guide will ask you a few questions about you and the products you're building, and will lead you right to the proper Extracts Consultants product line that we feel will work best for you.

  • Do you offer bulk or wholesale pricing for your terpenes?

    We believe in offering the best prices to the manufacturers and producers like yourself. Because of this, we've already included price breaks into our pricing as the volume of our SKUs go up. This ensures that you're getting the best price possible.

    If you're currently buying terpenes or flavors elsewhere for a better price, please submit a Price Match Request for us to review. If approved, we'll match the price you're currently paying with our competitors.

  • Do you offer free terpene samples to manufacturers?

    Yes! We happily provide free samples of our terpenes or flavors to manufacturers and licensed businesses. To request a free terpene sample pack, visit our Free Terpene Sample Request form.

  • Do you offer price matching?

    Yes! If you're buying terpenes or flavors for a better price from one of our competitors, please fill out our Price Match Request form. If approved, we'll happily match the price you're currently paying!

  • What payment methods do you accept?

    We accept all major credit and debit cards through our online store, including American Express, Discover, Master Card, and Visa.

    We also accept money orders, wire transfers, ACH payments, and checks. For more information on these alternative payment methods, feel free to reach out to us via our Contact Us Form and we'll be happy to assist you.

  • What shipping options do you offer?

    Because our terpenes are botanically derived terpenes and they contain no active cannabinoids, we are able to ship our products between state lines and all over the world.

    We offer both domestic shipping within the United States as well as international shipping options for most countries and terrirories, including expedited options and free domestic shipping for orders over $250 USD.

    To check our current list of available countries and territories, proceed to the Shipping Details on the checkout screen, or reach out to us via our Contact Us Form and we'll be happy to assist you.

  • How long does it take for my order to ship?

    For normal orders, we are usually able to ship within 1-2 business days, and get them to you in a timely manner of 3-5 business days. We do offer priority shipping in which a customer can pay for a quicker service. For orders of larger sizes that need to go into production, we require a 10-14 day lead-time.

  • Do you offer refunds?

    All sales are final. Orders can be refunded prior to fulfillment and shipping but once the order has been fulfilled and/or shipped, no refunds will be issued.

  • Why are Extract Consultants' terpenes the best terpenes on the market?

    Our company’s history is very extensive. Extract Consultants was started by an essential oil and aromatherapy expert, who’s family has been in the aromatic world since the beginning of the 19th century. We believe that our expertise, know how, and our ability to service our customers far exceeds all of our competition, and we certainly know that our products will speak for themselves.

    All we ask is the chance for our products and customer service to prove it!

  • What regulatory documents does Extract Consultants provide?

    We take our quality control and regulatory documentation process seriously. Each product we manufacture is accompanied with a wide range of documentation, including but limited to: Safety Data Sheets, Technical Data Sheets, Certificates of Analysis, Food Grade Statements (if applicable), Vegan Statements, Allergen Statements, and more.

    If you're interested in the regulatory documentation for a specific product, you can find links to our main regulatory documents under the "Regulatory" tab on each specific product page.

    If there are any documents you're interested in that aren't finding on a product page, please reach out to us via our Contact Us Form and we'll be happy to assist you how we can.

  • Does Extract Consultants provide COA's?

    Yes! Every batch of product that we make and we offer has a corresponding COA (Certificate of Analysis) available for each specific lot.

    If you're ever in need of a COA for a specific lot number, you can find all of the COA's and other regulatory documentation in the Regulatory tab on that product's page, or fill out our Contact Us form with the lot number needed and our Customer Support team will send the documents to you.

  • Do your products contain any vitamin E acetate, squalene, or diacetyl?

    No. None of Extract Consultants' products contain any Vitamin E Acetate, Squalene, or Diacetyl.

  • Does your manufacturing facility hold any quality and food safety certifications?

    Yes! Our products are manufactured in an SQF and GMP certified facility that is also registered with the FDA.

  • What are terpenes?

    Terpenes are aromatic molecules produced in plants, and they act as the building blocks for a plants aroma and taste. Cannabis strains produces hundreds of these molecules at naturally high levels, and the rate and types of terpenes produced in the plant comes in many varieties. Each strain has a unique arrangement of terpenes, called a terpene profile, which attribute to their individual personalities. Terpenes are large contributors of the newly coined term, the “entourage effect,” which is the synergistic response of terpenes.

    Read more about what terpenes are, their medicinal benefits, and the entourage effect in our article, What are Terpenes and Why do they Matter?

  • Can you buy terpenes?

    You can buy terpenes online from Extract Consultants right here through our online store. Our terpene blends are crafted from high quality botanically derived terpene isolates, meaning that the building blocks we use for our products are derived from common natural plant sources such as oranges, lavender, hops, and more.

  • Can terpenes be ingested/consumed orally?

    Terpenes can be ingested in small doses. Terpenes are aromatic and flavor compounds found in nearly all plants. All of our terpenes are rated as “Food Safe” and “GRAS” (Generally Regarded As Safe). You can find all of the supporting paperwork for our products on our website.

  • Are your terpenes solvent free?

    Our Solvent Free Terpene Blends, Solvent Free Terpene Flavors, and Remedies products do not contain solvents.

    Our TasteBudds brands of flavors do contain either PG or MCT oil as a carrier base.

  • Do you offer viscosity agents?

    No. We have been aware for some time of the desire in the market for odorless and flavorless value-priced diluent/thickener alternatives to terpenes, MCT and PG products. While some offer such products, our extensive research and testing has found no safe alternatives up to this point. As such, we do not use or offer any viscosity agents or products.

  • What is the difference between your terpene blends and terpene flavors?

    Our terpene blends contain only isolated terpenes and/or essential oils. Their main focus is to introduce the replicated terpene profiles of certain strains.

    Our terpene flavors are also built using isolated terpenes and/or essential oils, but they also contain all-natural, food grade flavor components, such as different esters and ketones. These flavor molecules help deliver an extra boost of added flavor that is normally not possible using only terpenes, such as blueberry, banana, and cantaloupe.

  • Do you sell terpene isolates?

    Yes! We have a wide variety of common isolates terpenes available in our Isolated Terpenes product collection.

    If there is a specific terpene you aren't finding, please reach out to us via our Contact Us Form and we'll assist you further.

  • Do your products have any traces of THC or CBD in them?

    Our terpenes are Botanically Sourced Terpenes, which are sourced from all kinds of plant materials except for cannabis or hemp. Therefore, our terpenes have no trace of any THC, CBD, or other active cannabinoids.

  • What is the difference between a terpene blend and an isolate?

    An isolated terpene is a singular molecule that has been separated from its original fraction via distillation methodology. These are building blocks of a terpene blend. Our terpene blends are mixtures using these isolated terpenes and at times, other aromatic materials to create popular flavor concepts.

  • Are all terpenes extracted using steam distillation?

    There are a number of different ways terpenes can be isolated from their botanical source, the most common of which is steam distillation. Other ways include expression, fractionation, CO2, and absolute extraction.

    Regardless of how a terpene is extracted, the most important part is the purity of the terpene. This is where the reputation and certifications of the QC and lab protocols are paramount.

  • How much of your terpenes should I be using?

    Our terpenes and flavor compounds are extremely concentrated. We recommend starting on the low side of add-back rates, start at 1% and work you way up at .5% increments. Generally, we find that people can find an add-back rate between 1%-3%. 

    Use our terpene calculators to figure out what amounts of terpenes you should be adding to your products.

  • How do I add terpenes to my products?

    To learn more about adding terpenes to your products, visit our How to Use Terpenes page here. We detail out recommendations on the proper handling, heating, mixing, and storage of terpenes and terpene products.

  • How do I measure terpenes?

    Extract Consultants suggests using disposable pipettes for convenient and accurate measuring. A pipette is a laboratory tool that is commonly used in scientific settings to transport volumes of liquid. We only suggest using this as a transportation tool and not a unit of measurement.

    Adding terpenes by drop is not an effective way to achieve consistency in your product. We strongly recommend that terpenes are added and measured by weight, using a scale accurate to at least 0.00 decimal places.

  • Do terpenes need to be refrigerated?

    Terpenes should be kept in a cool dark place. A cabinet in your lab is the perfect. No need to refrigerate. Cold terpenes are more difficult to mix into your solution.

    To learn more about storing and using terpenes, visit our How to Use Terpenes section.

  • What temperatures can terpenes handle?

    Terpenes are very volatile compounds and are extremely sensitive to heat. Ideally, no heat would be used during the mixing process. If you must use heat, then we recommend not exceeding 100 F.

    To learn more about proper heating techniques of terpenes, visit our How to Use Terpenes page.

  • What is headspace and how will it affect storage?

    Headspace is the space between the liquid terpenes in the container and the lid that it is stored in. It is the air that is trapped inside the bottle. Generally speaking, the more headspace (or oxygen) in the bottle, the quicker it can age, so understanding headspace is important for responsible purchasing patterns.

  • I added some terpenes to my product and it turned cloudy, why did this happen?

    There are a few reasons as to why this why cloudiness has occurred. The most common cause of cloudiness is using too much heat during production, which is why we recommend using no heat or not exceeding 100 F. Other reasons for this might be improper storage, improper mixing, or high levels of use. The age of the concentrate can also play a role in the darkening of the color.

    To read more about our recommended terpene mixing and storage techniques, visit our How to Use Terpenes page.

  • What are TasteBudds flavors?

    TasteBudds are Extract Consultants line of flavorings for use with concentrates, such as with tinctures or inhalable products. Our flavors are designed to taste as nature intended and are highly concentrated, allowing an add-back rate of just 1% to 3% without separation.

    TasteBudds flavors contain as much as 20% active flavoring; whereas, most traditional, food grade, flavor products contain 3% or less active flavoring. If you use a traditional flavor with a 3% active flavoring, you will need to add back 7x as much flavor by volume to impart the same profile as TasteBudds.

    Using too much of a weak flavoring creates a runny final product that potentially requires a thickening agent to fix. Any perceived cost savings is eliminated due to the amount of flavoring and thickening agents needed. TasteBudds allows you to use significantly less flavoring — no thickening agent required.

    We offer both Propylene glycol (PG)-based flavors, as well as a line of all-natural flavors using fractionated coconut oil as the solvent. MCT oils, or Medium Chain Triglyceride compounds, are typically used in flavor development among other consumer products, such as vitamins, and are generally accepted as safe for consumption. All of our TasteBudds flavors are food grade products, non-GMO and GRAS. They can be used with our Isolated Terpenes and Terpene Blends, or alone.

  • What's the difference between PG and MCT?

    MCT Oil Pros and Cons

    PROS - MCT oil is all natural, has a more flexible usage rate, and is more widely accepted as a flavor base on the markets today.

    CONS - MCT oil can have a "fatty" taste, and is in general not as tasty as PG. MCT based flavors also require more usage to get the same flavor impact compared to a PG based flavor.

    PG Pros and Cons

    PROS - Requires a lower usage rate compared to MCT based flavors. Higher flavor impact at lower usage levels. PG is a sugar derived molecule, and in turn has a sweeter and overall better taste than MCT oil.

    CONS - PG has a negative market stigma because it is a synthetic product. PG can also have solubility issues at higher percentages.

    To learn more about MCT, PG, and their usage in our products, check out our article, Understanding MCT Oil.

  • Do you have flavorings meant specifically for gummies and candies?

    Yes! Our new TasteBudds Edible Flavors are meant specifically for gummies, candies, and edibles. These flavors were designed by credentialed flavor chemists with culinary and confectionary experts like you in mind.

    Our Edible Flavors are three times as concentrated as other similar flavor oils found on the market today, minimizing the volume of flavoring you'll need in building your products.

  • What can I do to mask bitterness?

    Extract Consultants Bitter Blocker Flavor Modifiers subdue the unpleasant phenolic taste that CBD and other related cannabinoids impart in edible products. They are designed to work in tandem with our TasteBudds Edible Flavors to deliver flavor profiles consumers desire and mask the distastefulness of bitter molecules.

    Designed for use in Gummies, Hard Candies, and Beverages—our bitter blocker technologies help reduce bitterness by up to 60% in specific applications.

    Check out more info on our Bitter Blockers, and request a sample to try them out for yourself!

  • Are MCT and PG both safe to consume?

    Both MCT and PG are food grade products, GRAS (generally recognized as safe), and have been used in the food industry for decades.

    To learn more about MCT, PG, and their usage in our products, check out our article, Understanding MCT Oil.

  • Will your TasteBudds Flavors work with my products?

    To find out if TasteBudds flavors are recommended for your unique products, you can use our Getting Started Guide. This guide will ask you a few questions about you and your products, and will help you find out which of our products will be best suited for your products.

  • What are TasteBudds flavors made of?

    Our TasteBudds line of flavors is made up of MCT based flavors and PG based flavors.  They contain terpenes, flavonoids, and other aromatic compounds.

    The MCT based flavors are made of different all-natural flavoring materials in a MCT base.  The PG based flavors are built with natural and artificial flavors with a PG base.

  • How potent are the TasteBudds flavors?

    TasteBudds Flavors are undiluted and extremely concentrated. You don’t need a lot. Start by mixing at a low percentage and slowly increase for desired flavor. We recommend a 1-3% range of flavor product to oil, depending on which base you have chosen. 

    To learn more about how to use our TasteBudds flavors in your product, visit our How to Use TasteBudds page.

  • How do I use TasteBudds flavors with my products?

    To learn more on how to use our TasteBudds flavors in your products, check out our How to Use TasteBudds flavors page.

  • Will TasteBudds flavors change the color of my product?

    TasteBudds may exhibit color changes without any effects on taste or functionality due to exposure to oxygen, heat, light and other natural occurring variations within the source plant material. Store TasteBudds products correctly in a cool dry place to mitigate any color changes with your flavoring agents.

  • What is your Remedies product line?

    Our Remedies line of terpene and essential oil effect blends are built strategically and specifically for products that are focused on delivering desired effects in an end product. They are primarily designed for use in tinctures, topicals, and aromatherapy concepts.

  • Do you have effect based blends, like for Sleep, Energy, and Focus?

    Yes! Our Remedies Broad Spectrum Blends are terpene blends that were built with specific effects in mind. They're solvent free and contain a terpene profile that will help deliver the effect you're after.

  • What is the difference between your Broad Spectrum and Full Spectrum blends?

    Our Broad Spectrum Terpene Blends are built entirely with isolated terpenes, and are designed to represent the specific effect that they are named after, such as Calm or Energy. Utilizing only hand selected terpenes, these blends are sure to target the desired intended use very well.

    Our Full Spectrum Essential Oil Blends are built entirely with high quality, all natural essential oils. Essential oils contain the entire terpene profile of each material, hence the title “full spectrum.” Not only that, our Full Spectrum blends contain the entire “essential oil profile” of the plant from which they were extracted, going beyond just the specific terpenes they produce.

    To learn more about which of our Remedies blends will work best for your product, visit our Getting Started Guide, which will ask you a few questions and help guide you to our product line that will work best for you.

  • What are your Entourage Terpene Blends?

    Our Entourage blends are highly potent terpene blends that are meant to be used in conjunction with our other Essential Terpenes or Remedies products as a way to introduce more of desired effect to a product.

    These products have been designed to represent the broad categories of Indica, Sativa, Hybrid, and OG Kush. We have taken a large collection of data of each entourage definition and have come up with these very unique and creative blends that will impart a controlled effect for each product that they are paired with.

    These terpene blends are meant to be used in very small amounts, and should not exceed 1% usage in any particular formula.

  • How do I use your Remedies products?

    To learn more about how to properly handle, mix, and store our different Remedies Effect Blends, visit our How to Use Remedies Blends page.

Not finding the answer to your questions here?

Please reach out via our Contact Us Form and we'll be happy to assist you

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What are diluents?

Diluents, by scientific definition, are substances that dilute, or weaken, other substances that they're mixed with. They do this by essentially thinning out the other substance. Common examples of diluents include medium chain triglycerides (MCT oils), and propylene glycol (PG), which are also both substances that are commonly used in vape cartridges as a thinning agent.

Vape cartridges contain active extract material, terpenes, and a diluent. Our Solvent Free Terpenes contain zero thinning or diluting agents whatsoever, while our TasteBudds Flavors are based in either MCT or PG. Because of this, our terpenes are of the highest quality and are incredibly concentrated, and our diluent based flavors are highly concentrated as well, with a base concentration that's still 4-5 times stronger that most flavors today.