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How to Use TasteBudds Flavors

Our line of TasteBudds flavors are specifically designed to work directly with distillate or oil, and can be used in carts, tinctures, or candies. Each flavor has an average add back range of .5% - 3%. This can vary quite a bit based on preference, and the final product that it is going into, so our general rule of thumb is always start low (.5%) and work your way up. You can always add more! Generally speaking, candies and tinctures require the least amount of usage, and carts will require a higher usage rate comparatively.

Step 1 – Prepare your material and Calculate add back rate.

  • Warm up your distillate or oil as you normally would.
  • Calculate how much flavor you will need to use by weight. Always measure by weight, and never by the drop. We will use an example of a 50g batch, and an add back rate of 3%. Using a calculator, input 50 X 0.03 (3%.) You should get an answer of 1.5g.

Step 2 – Weigh your flavor and set aside in preparation for mixing.

  • Next, take a Pyrex beaker and a scale that is accurate to at least 0.00 decimal places. Place beaker on the scale and using the same example of 3% usage in a 50g batch, carefully weigh out 1.5g of Flavor, using a disposable plastic pipette.
  • Set aside in preparation for mixing.

Step 3 – Remove distillate or oil from heat and allow it to cool.

  • Let your material cool down enough so that you can still manipulate it. Distillate and oil should at the very most be 100°F at the time of adding flavors.

Step 4. Add and mix.

  • Once your material is at 100°F or less, it is time to add back the 1.5g of flavor. Pour them into the distillate or oil and using either a Magnetic Stir bar or a hand tool, mix the solution for up to 20min.

Step 5. Wait, and taste.

  • Many people make the mistake of tasting the product right after mixing. It is always better to let the solution sit for 24 hours. Once it has steeped for a day, and it has passed your visual test, you may apply it to whichever end product the material is going into and give it an official taste test.

Step 6. Record your formula, and move to production

  • Once you are satisfied with your end product, it is ready to go into production. If this is the first time you have developed this product, be sure to document your add back rate for each product for future use.

Note: Always store your finished product between 60° and 75°. This will help prevent separation, crystallization, and oxidation.

Easy to use instructions for how to add flavors to concentrates!  We have included an abbreviated PDF version of these instructions for your convenience. Also included in this download is a worksheet to keep track of the add back rate you use for each of your products!


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