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How to Use Flavors for Beer & Spirits

TasteBudds flavors for Beer & Spirits are specifically designed to work directly with beer, spirits, and cocktails and can be used to flavor by the glass, bottle, firkin, or barrel. They are water soluble were designed to bring creative flavor profiles to your beverages.

Each flavor has an average add back range that can vary quite a bit based on the flavor you are using, preference, and type of alcohol that it’s going into. Our general rule of thumb is to start low and work your way up. You can always add more! Start your dosing at 2 µL per 4 oz drink. Some flavors have a big nose to them and faint flavors, while others have very little nose and some big flavors!

The most common usage rate we've heard of is 15ml of TasteBudds per BBL. Some use as little as 5ml per BBL; some as high as 60ml (2oz) per BBL. So, the usage range is quite wide and very much depends on the taste of the brewer or distiller.

Drink Volume Dosing
4 oz (Taster) 2 µL
16 oz (Pint) 8 µL
32 oz (Growler) 16 µL
1/6 BBL (Sixtel) 250-600 µL
1/2 BBL (Keg) 1-8 mL
1 BBL (Barrel) 15-40 mL

All dosing is approximate as levels may vary depending on the type of beer/spirit and flavor used. Need a micropipette for those tiny doses? We've got you covered.

Tasters, Pints, & Growlers

  1. Rinse vessel
  2. Dose vessel with appropriate dosing tool.
  3. Take a sip! Take note of the physical appearance, aroma, and flavor of the drink.
  4. Make detailed notes on flavors and the dosing used.
  5. If necessary, adjust your dosing until you've reached the desired flavors and aromas.

Kegs (1/2 BBL)

  1. Separate out the appropriate amount of beer/spirit after finishing stages.
  2. Add in TasteBudds flavor using the appropriate dosing tool.
  3. Gently agitate to ensure thorough mixing.
  4. Taste and log all dosing and flavor notes.


  1. Add TasteBudds to your empty brightening tank.
  2. Add beer/spirit.
  3. Finish your brewing/distilling process.
  4. Taste and log all dosing and flavor notes.