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TasteBudds Flavors for Beer, Spirits, & Cocktails

Infuse your Brews, Spirits, & Cocktails like you never have before

TasteBudds Flavors for Beer & Spirits are water soluble terpenes and flavors designed to bring creative profiles to your beverages.

TTB Approved Flavors & Extractions

Give your customers quality flavor, time & time again.

Danky, Skunky, Cheesy, Funky

What exactly is the "dank" smell? How can you make a beer more "cheesy?" Our TTB Approved Terpene Flavors take the complex aromas of terpene profiles and turn them into water soluble solution.

Extract Consultant's terpenes are the best I have used, compared to other brands. The product arrived promptly, was nicely packaged and was exactly what the description said it was. The price is very fair for the quantity you get. I highly recommend this product and this company.

Reed R.

Trevor, one of the staff helped me big time. This was the very first company I ever worked with and from the very beginning, years ago they have always been spot on. Thank you!

Stephen M.

We've been using Extract Consultants terpenes for years and our customers love them. Great tasting flavors and smooth hits from every (product). Thank you for staying consistent in making quality products. We use nothing but Extract Consultants terpenes here in our lab.

Michael O.

Flavor Straight from Nature

These botanicals have been washed and infused into a solution, allowing you to impart water and ethanol soluble natural aromas from the plant directly into the finished beer, wine, or spirit.

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For questions on dosing, check out our TasteBudds for Beer & Spirits How to Use Guide.