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Wholesale and Private Label

Are you a manufacturer with an established brand that you want to license nationally? Extract Consultants can help take your products nationwide with our Private Label bottling services. 

We can help you ship the terpene blends and flavors that make your products uniquely yours to almost anywhere in the world! Whether it's a range of our off-the-shelf flavors and terpene blends or ones we build for you, we can package them to your specifications.

For example, if you produce 1,000 gram batches of product and your blend requires a 2.5% add back rate we can pre-fill bottles with your label and 25ml of flavor so your licensee can add the whole bottle to a 1,000 gram batch of product.

No measuring required for a consistent flavor profile. It's that easy!

We handle the bottling, labeling and shipping and provide you with a convenient back-end interface to send ingredients to licensees.

Already have packaging and shipping covered? Our Wholesale Program can offer bulk discounts and more!

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you expand your business.

What are diluents?

Diluents, by scientific definition, are substances that dilute, or weaken, other substances that they're mixed with. They do this by essentially thinning out the other substance. Common examples of diluents include medium chain triglycerides (MCT oils), and propylene glycol (PG), which are also both substances that are commonly used in vape cartridges as a thinning agent.

Vape cartridges contain active extract material, terpenes, and a diluent. Our Solvent Free Terpenes contain zero thinning or diluting agents whatsoever, while our TasteBudds Flavors are based in either MCT or PG. Because of this, our terpenes are of the highest quality and are incredibly concentrated, and our diluent based flavors are highly concentrated as well, with a base concentration that's still 4-5 times stronger that most flavors today.