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Isolated Terpenes and Terpene Blends

Extract Consultants Terpene Blends and Isolated Terpenes

We offer a full range of isolated terpenes, solvent free terpene blends, terpene blends, entourage terpene blends, and bases. Our terpene blends are designed to ensure that you maintain high quality standards while improving the viscosity of your finished product without separation. 

Terpenes are more than just flavor and aroma compounds. As terpenes are highly volatile compounds that react quickly, they are stripped away during the extraction process. In many cases, this leaves you with a flat, plain product void of most taste, smell, and desired effect. By adding our isolated or blended terpenes back to your final product, you can enhance the desired entourage effect and create unique flavor profiles.

Solvent Free Terpene BlendsTerpene Blends
Entourage Terpene BlendsIsolated Terpenes