Free Samples Request

Is your company building flavored products for the retail market? Extract Consultants is the leader in flavor add-back, known for innovative, high quality products, excellent customer service and regulatory support. If your expectations aren’t being met through your existing terpene and flavor house, please fill out the form below to be considered for up to 6 complimentary samples. 

We’d love the opportunity to show you why Extract Consultants is considered to be the leaders in the flavor space.

PLEASE NOTE: Samples are limited to product ranges that sell in 2ml sizes. These include Solvent Free Terpene Blends, Terpene Blends, Entourage Blends, MCT Flavors and PG Flavors. This DOES NOT include samples of Isolated Terpenes, Bases, Full Spectrum Essential Oil Blends, Broad Spectrum Terpene Blends, Edible Flavors, Pet Flavors or BeerBudds. These product ranges are available for sale only and do not qualify for this program.