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Regulatory Documentation

Extract Consultants prides itself on its ability to provide the most comprehensive regulatory documents available in the terpene and flavor space.

On every product page you will find a Regulatory Tab that includes the documentation available for that product. In addition to having this information on the product page you will also be provided with a copy of this information with your order confirmation.

The documents typically associated with each product include SDS, COA, Food Grade Certificate, Solvent Free Statement, Pesticide Statement and Technical Data Sheets. In addition to these documents we are also capable of producing, where available, on request:

Food Allergen Statement
Gluten Statement
GMO Statement
GRAS Statement
Halal Statement
Heavy Metals Statement
Natural Statement
Origin Statement
Pesticide Statement
Prop 65 Statement
Technical Data Sheet
Vegan Statement

What are diluents?

Diluents, by scientific definition, are substances that dilute, or weaken, other substances that they're mixed with. They do this by essentially thinning out the other substance. Common examples of diluents include medium chain triglycerides (MCT oils), and propylene glycol (PG), which are also both substances that are commonly used in vape cartridges as a thinning agent.

Vape cartridges contain active extract material, terpenes, and a diluent. Our Solvent Free Terpenes contain zero thinning or diluting agents whatsoever, while our TasteBudds Flavors are based in either MCT or PG. Because of this, our terpenes are of the highest quality and are incredibly concentrated, and our diluent based flavors are highly concentrated as well, with a base concentration that's still 4-5 times stronger that most flavors today.