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Vape Viscosity Agents

Like you, we are truly heartbroken to read the recent news reports of vaping-related illnesses and deaths. With the latest investigations uncovering vitamin E acetate in some vape products, we want to reiterate our stance on thickeners used in the industry as diluents. At Extract Consultants we provide isolated terpenes, terpene blends and flavorings used to add consistent and repeatable flavor and experience to distillate products. In addition to adding flavor, terpenes are a natural way to attain the desired viscosity and flow of oil distillates, essential for vaping products, without using thickeners.

We have been aware for some time of the desire in the market for odorless and flavorless value-priced diluent/thickener alternatives to terpenes, MCT and PG products. While some offer such products, our extensive research and testing has found no safe alternatives up to this point. As such, we do not use or offer these products or compounds. None of our products contain vitamin E acetate, squalene, triethyl citrate or mineral oil. All of our products are created and tested under rigorous standards and are on the Tobacco 599 list of existing and allowed additives in the highly regulated tobacco industry. Quality, efficacy and safety are our highest concerns. We believe in transparency for the good our industry, our customers and consumers, and we hope others will join with us.

Please feel free to contact us to learn more about the potential adverse side-effects of thickener agents and how our thickener-free product line can assist you in making a safer and better product for your customers.

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What are diluents?

Diluents, by scientific definition, are substances that dilute, or weaken, other substances that they're mixed with. They do this by essentially thinning out the other substance. Common examples of diluents include medium chain triglycerides (MCT oils), and propylene glycol (PG), which are also both substances that are commonly used in vape cartridges as a thinning agent.

Vape cartridges contain active extract material, terpenes, and a diluent. Our Solvent Free Terpenes contain zero thinning or diluting agents whatsoever, while our TasteBudds Flavors are based in either MCT or PG. Because of this, our terpenes are of the highest quality and are incredibly concentrated, and our diluent based flavors are highly concentrated as well, with a base concentration that's still 4-5 times stronger that most flavors today.