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New Webinar Series

Level Up Your Cannabis Business Webinar

As proud members of the National Cannabis Industry Association and the Cannabis Consortium, we’re excited to be part of the NCIA’s Industry Essentials new webinar series. NCIA’s Industry Essentials webinars have been created to provide timely and engaging education and expertise from leaders working to elevate and enrich our industry.

We invite you to join us for their inaugural Service Solutions webinar. The Service Solutions series is tailored to offer business owners the opportunity to learn more about premier products, services and solutions directly from the NCIA’s network of established suppliers, providers and industry thought leaders.

The kick-off webinar titled, “Level Up Your Cannabis Business” features a conversation with members of the Cannabis Consortium—a group of vetted businesses aligned in support of the cannabis industry from plant to product. As established supply chain and compliance experts championing business resiliency, the speakers will be discussing top-of-mind topics including:

  • Why, and how, consortiums and partnerships help with sharing resources
  • Real supply chain projections post-COVID-19
  • How to verify vendors for your cannabis business
  • Case Studies and real-world examples of why vendor verification & quality matters

Speakers include:

Emily Long (Moderator)

Communications & Marketing Consultant

Rocky Mountain Reagents


Liz Geisleman

Vice President

Rocky Mountain Reagents


Kim Stuck

Founder & CEO

Allay Consulting


Rocco Iannapollo

Director of Business Development

Cannabis Kitchen Supply


John Roelke

National Sales Manager

Extract Consultants


Cory Forbes

Amber Scientific


We hope you join us for this essential and insightful conversation.


Jun 29, 2020 03:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Service Solutions: Level-Up Your Cannabis Business


Register for the webinar here.

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