Not all flavoring is created equal. Those turning to VG based, e-cigarette flavors have to dilute the extract to keep it from separating, while those using confectionary flavors find their product devoid of depth and fullness. Our flavors are designed to taste as nature intended and are highly concentrated, allowing an add-back rate of just 1% to 3% without separation.

We offer both PG-based flavors, as well as a line of all-natural flavors using fractionated coconut oil as the solvent. MCT oils, or Medium Chain Triglyceride compounds, are typically used in flavor development among other consumer products, such as vitamins, and are generally accepted as safe for consumption. All of our materials are food grade products, TTB approved and non-GMO. They can be used with our Isolated Terpenes and Terpene Blends, or alone.